How to play videos from my book live on a different pc?

Hi everyone, i just purchased the 2T my book live and am very excited. I have successfully transferred my music and videos to the default public folder and have placed them in the respective folders i.e. Shared Videos for videos etc. Apologies as i am not very tech savvy. I am trying to access the videos from different pc via wd2go and although it allows me to browse the files, i am unable to play/stream it. When i double click on the video, the file just hangs indefinately. I would like advise on how to play my videos without the need of installing different software to do this (if possible). I have tried Twonky and Mio withount much success. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you guys (and gals).

Indefinitely?   Or just a long time?

Windows takes a LOT of time to open a file via WebDAV…

I have tried leaving it on for about half an hour, before killing Windows media player. The  video file is quite small actually, i used it as a test only.

Are there any other alternatives to play my video files remotely (besides Twonky and Mio)?

hi there, any alternative to my issue? :frowning:

Dear M3_e40,

I’m not a tech savvy guy too but I would like to share my humble experience with you.

I’m not sure if you are using both of your PCs under the same home network? (Meaning both PC are connected to your home wifi and your router is attached with your WD My Book Live)

Assuming that it’s, you should be able to view your My Book Live as a “Drive” on your  two PCs (Without the need of  WD2GO). With this being the case, you should be able to play your video files just fine on both of your PCs without too much speed issue. It’s just like attaching a portable hard disk drive to your PC.

If your two PCs are in two different locations, then that means that you are accessing your My Book Live from an external network to your home network. With this being the case, you will need a decent upload speed from your home and good download speed from the location of your second PC for WD2GO to work properly. I can’t tell you how much is decent upload speed but I once tried viewing my video using iPhone on 3G (About 3mbps download speed) for a 700mb file and it’s choppy and can’t stream very well. My home upload speed was about 0.5 mbps.

I hope this experience of mine is of use to you :slight_smile:

Hi Yeonardo, thank you so much for your response.

With my home network, its fine. Its when i try to access from a different location, the issue happens i.e. i am unable to view/play/stream the videos. The rated download/upload speed from my service provider is at 5Mbps - not sure if that is good enough.