How to mark a new disk as spare?

Replaced a drive in G-Tech Studio but can’t mark it as spare. How can I do this then perform a rebuild ? Thanks in advance.

Hi malisette,
to rebuild the raid in your G-Tech Studio, open the G Technology RAID configurator, open the tab “Physical Disk”. Here the replaced drive will most likely appear as “PassThru”. Here we need to change this to “Unconfigured”. Once this change is done, please click on the tab “Disk Array” and now you should be able to rebuild the Raid. Rebuilding a Raid will take approximately 2 hours per TB.

I am also not able to defined the new disk a spare!

  1. Start the Setup Utility program. …
  2. Select System settings > Storage and press Enter.
  3. Select Intel RSTe SATA Controller and press Enter.
  4. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a Non-RAID physical disk in the Non-RAID Physical Disks field and press Enter.
  5. Select Mark as Spare and press Enter.

insert the new dist into the server or storage system.Access the RAID controller software or utility. This may involve entering the system BIOS or using a separate RAID controller application.locate the disk that you want to mark as spare.How To Unpin Something On Pinterest?