What utility do I actually need for Windows to rebuild the RAID volume? For G-Raid 8TB (0G02493)

Hi, I have a 0G02493 G-Raid 2x4 TB device, theRAID volume was wiped by accident when mass cleaning a load of drives with diskpart.

Now the disk can be seen in diskpart (connected USB3) but won’t create a volume properly, I’ve tried lots of the tools to try rebuild it but none seem to function or be the correct one?

G-Raid Studio Configurator says no device found, G-Technology assistant seems to be pointless, Gtechnology format wizard can’t see it, or the other G-Raid that still works for that matter…

I aslo downloaded “G-Technology RAID Configuration Utility_v1_0” but that seemed to be a mac only package.

Could someone tell me precisely which tool to use and where to download it please? Or if it can be done with another tool?

Thanks in advance!