How to log into My Cloud Home to back up using Time Machine

I am trying to connect to my brand new My Cloud Home, 8TB. It’s connected to a router and plugged into electricity. The light is solid white.
On my Apple notebook, in SysPrefs > Time Machine, I see TimeMachineBackup on a device “MyCloud-NNNNNN” where N represents a a numeral. It asks for my username and password. I’ve tried my name and my email address for the first, and the My Cloud password and the 9-character password (3 sets of digits/letters separated by dashes) for the password. None of these combinations works. How do I log in?

I’d already downloaded the manual. Not having found an answer to my question in the manual, I posted to the community. I have not changed my username and password, which I use to log into this site. I need assistance using Time Machine to log into the device so it can back up my data regularly. When I enter my username and password, it refuses to connect.

Here is the answer:
By default the Time Machine share is set as Public. To configure TimeMachine, choose Guest when prompted.
(Not Registered user).

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You said you had bought a MyCloud Home. That is an entirely different product to the community you posted in. Very few people in this community will own the product you said you have; it is for MyCloud owners. The community I pointed you to is for owners of the Home.

Thank you PronDoc. I had the same problem, and I will try this.