How to I retrieve SmartWare backup on my Mac?

My windows PC just crashed on me and I decided to move to Mac. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to

retrieve my backed up information. Did I just loose everything I backed up on my PC, because  I can’t retrieve it from my new Apple? I’m not talking of course about shared files. I’m talking about the rest my life backed up through SmartWare on my now crashed PC.

I can’t find anything relating to this exact issue through here.


Nathan Brooks

You need to install Smartware on on your Mac. Check the link below for the steps to retrieve the backup.

Thanks Alucardx,

My CD didn’t come with SmartWare for mac, and it’s not listed on the download section for WD MyBook Live. 

However, I was able to download the mac version elsewhere on and it installed successfully.

Unfortunately, the back and retrieve buttons are greyed out. I thought maybe setting the retrieve folder under

settings would help but it did not. It also doesn’t show my windows pc backup at all, only a small backup I created

with time machine a couple of days ago. So really, I can’t even retrieve my mac backup a this point with the buttons

greyed out.

Any thoughts?



Smartware for Mac was discontinued a while ago - and has never been supported on the My Book Live.

You have a couple options… Get a PC and install smartware on it.

or go to the smartware share on the My Book Live - \smartware

You can manually retrieve the files you need by drilling down into the folders on that share.