How to enable sleep mode on WD Home Cloud?


I just bought the WD Home Cloud… im a little stuck… an confused :frowning:
Where is the User Interface ? i need to enable the sleep mode… the box is on 24-7 now.

I tried to reset the bas-tard but nothing happens… i tried the 4 and 40sec. method.
I just goes offline and blinks the light in the front… and freezes… craaaap ! :frowning:

Did i bought shiiit ? og do i need to calm my self before i run this thing over with my car…
Please help me before i do so :wink:


the my cloud home does not have an option to sleep. There is no dashboard like other my cloud products. All management is done from the My Cloud Home mobile app or in the web browser access.

There is no 4 or 40 second reset like the my cloud product. You can reboot it from the web or mobile app and to do a system erase and reset to factory settings you can use web or mobile app or do a 60 second reset from the button in the back.

Are you saying the Disk is ALWAYS operating and rotating?, no energy saving at all?.

Yes. No Sleep feature on MCH.

I guess there is no intention to add such feature in the future…, Ouch.

Just discovered this, honestly I’d thought they’d sleep automatically this whole time.

From what I can tell the disk does spin down (ie the clunking stops).

The power draw from the unit appears is a steady 7-8W (AU model). So it’s not bad but the older cloud did do a better job of going to sleep and conserving power.

I know it’s asking a lot but can this feature come back, with a ‘Wake on Access’ type approach?