Setting Sleep-Time to My Cloud Home

Hi there,
I just got a My Cloud Home 4TB, expecting to be something like “My Cloud” product (already have one My Cloud 2TB), but I didn’t think they had so many differences, regarding to it’s administration.

I’m adapting myself to the differences of them. But one thing I’m really missing is the Disk Sleep option. I’m not using it 24/7, and it’s trully NO NEED for the disk spinning 24/7, wearing the life of the disk.

How can we set the Sleep-Time for My Cloud Home?
Is there a possibility to be implemented in future firmwares?

If I knew “My Cloud Home” didn’t have this feature, I’d look for a “My Cloud” Drive.

Thank you for your attention.

@Digaovix Have you visited the Learning Center and read through the User Manual and watched the videos for the My Cloud Home?

You may want to look at this too.

Thank you for the tips… They helped!
Just found the info I needed, and other nice informations.
I didn’t find that info on my first research.
Thank you for your help.


I have the same issue with my My Cloud Home 3T : I don’t know if there is a standby/sleep mode. And I don’t understand this answer :
I tried to wait 20 minutes but it doesn’t sound like it’s working.

The NAS is making a lot of noise (more than a standard PC) and I assume it is taking a lot of electrical power.

I was hesitating between the classic My Cloud and this new My Cloud Home and I am very disapointed : I have also issue to connect my Bluesound players…