How to disassemble My Passport Wireless Pro

All you need is a table-knife and two ice-cream sticks.
Use wide and sharp side of blade to push apart body parts of device. Easy and slowly.
Insert sticks to prevent latching.
Do the same trick on the near side. Here you can use one stick.
Do the same trick on the other sides - the bottom will move apart easy even without sticks.

Remove the metal brackets from the hard drive bumpers.
Carefully tear off the battery. It is glued to double-sided tape, but cable is very short.
Carefully try to “shake out” printed circuit boards with components - there are no screws and latches, components are held on the bumpers of the hard drive.


Yes, my mpwp works only via USB. Battery stuck on 5%. Wi-fi doesn’t works. Hard reset with button doesn’t works - seems it is not enough power to start resetting even in charging mode.

The battery is definitely dead. Later i will replace 18650 modules.