How to configure mobile (android) access to My Cloud DLNA Share

I am a very new My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) owner and have searched WD support online for an answer/solution without success.

I want to stream music from a DLNA enabled share I have created on My Cloud to a DLNA client (ideally BubbleUPnP) on my Android Smartphone. I need a “server address” in the format “http://host.port” or “https://host.port” to configure the Android client app.

If it is not possible for third party mobile apps to directly access a My Cloud share, is there another way to accomplish my goal? While I can access the DLNA share using the WD’s provided “MyCloud App” for Android, it functions like a dumb terminal. Using the My Cloud App, I can only play songs sequentially in a single folder - no search, randomizing, playlists, etc.

Really hoping someone has an answer or work around for this. I have a huge music library (15k songs totaling 180GB in >1k folders) and this use is one of the primary reasons I bought a My Cloud - to get all of my music in one place that I can easily access and listen to anywhere.

Hi, welcome to the community, are you trying to connect remotely or locally?

Remote from an Android device (smartphone) via the internet.