Help accessing shares from mobile app

I am returning to this topic after two years of using this My Cloud 2Tb but being totally unable to access anything from a mobile device. Now I’ve attached a Usb drive and need access from my mobile devices.

Cloud Access is enabled and connection status showing as
Connected (Relay connection established)
Under Configure Access its showing I have access and device is showing as connected with my email address next to WD MYCloud.
Should something else be done ?
Ive tried the Android app on a tablet and my phone and both come back with Network Connection Failure (905).
Any help appreciated .

@rgc121 You don’t say which generation of My Cloud you own, but, look at this for more information and links to both User Manuals. Chapter 12 should cover your USB device.

Have you tried ?

I have the 2tb WDBCTL0020HWT version and have already looked through the manual which I’ve followed in setting up cloud access. I dont have an issue with the USB device ,its simply that I can’t conncet via android app. I can connect through the but the mobile apps wont let me in.

Have you tried manually adding the My Cloud device in the My Cloud app for Android then enter in the code generated from the My Cloud Dashboard > Cloud Access > user > Get Code.

Another suggestion is to change the cloud access configuration in the Dashboard > Settings from auto to manual and setup port forwarding within the network router as a troubleshooting step.