Streaming through Android app over the same network

Does streaming over the same network as the Android device and the MyCloud utilizes the internet bandwidth? When I play from the Android app which is installed on a media box, I get the message that downloading would use the internet bandwidth. To me it doesn’t make sense as both the media box and MyCloud are attached to the same network.

Appreciate it if someone can clarify. Thanks.

What app are you using to access the MyCloud from your Android box?

For media streaming, I use Kodi, and connect to MyCloud using SMB, or use BubbleUPnP via DLNA.
For general file access to MyCloud from Android, I use Cheetah Mobile’s File Manager.

Local access should not use the internet.

I use the “WD MyCloud” app for Android.

Local to your network, and for a media box, use something else: the wd app has very limited functionality for a media player. Something that’s a proper file manager and can connect to your MyCloud like a proper network file server, or a proper media player that will connect to it either via DLNA or a network file server.

Media players: Kodi, bubbleupnp, upnpmonkey, upnplay, etc
File managers: ezfilemanager, cheetah mobile file manager, etc.

But the WD app shouldn’t use Internet bandwidth to connect to your local device.