How to change theme?

Hey all.

I have a WD Live.


I use the libary function. 

Can i use outher themes? And how?

I have all my movies in folders called Avatar and alle the files are in the folder xml and so on.

Can i somehow get the info showed when det folder i selected? I dont want alle the files in one big folder.

The info only showes when i select the .mkv file.

And is there eney info on XBMC on the WD live?

Regards Daniel and thanks

Daniel you can use other themes with the SMP which you should discuss in the WDTV Live forum and not in the WDTV Live Hub forum.

For anything else you asked… i called in a specialist team to decipher your accent but the answer is “NO” you cannot show movie sheets for folders. You should create Genre folders for Action, Comedy, Drama… If you don’t want that you’ll be stuck with no information by selecting the cover box.

Ahh okay i cant really figure out what the diffrence is between live hub live TV, tv live hub, and so on.

A shame with the folders.

I would bee cool just get the thing work with XBMC.

I will make a thead in the outher forum.

Regards Daniel and thanks