New to HUB, themes and movie sheets

Hi everyone,

I am new to this stuff.  I can not find my theme folder in the wd live hub after mapping to a network drive.  I see console folder and two folders I created for movies and music.  How can I change or find the default themes included with the hub?  I would like to change the default theme to one these cool themes in this forum.

I hope I did not delete the wd live folder that is mentioned.

can I just create a new folder title themes?

Sorry everyone, I have answered my own quesiton.

Would you kindly share your resolution with the WD Community? It will be most welcome as it is likely to help other Users in a similar position.


Sure, no problem.  I had to follow some other instructions inside the community pages.  I had to go to the Control panel in the appearance folder and click show hidden folders and then I could see the theme folder inside the hub on my pc.  Hope this helps.

so the WD live plus doesn’ t come with internal storge.  So i have set up a external HDD and attached to my PC.  I use the HUB to connect as a media share… I obviously can map my USB HDD to see all my movies… but how to I access the WD files necessary to theme?

I think you have become confused a little. This is the Live Hub forum, its not the same as a Live Plus.

This is your correct forum here.