Themes and backdrops

Allo guys and girls 

Im the proud new owner of a smp and since ive bought it ive been on this forum reading all i could and now that ive read myself blind i figured i might ask.

  1. is there a way to force backdrop for parrent folders ?

  2. im thinking of trying to make a theme:confounded: but i dont know what my options are in regards to changeing how things are displayed note i would like to try to make a theme that dosent depend on moviesheets! would something like this be possible just as an example or can you only modyfy the looks if you dont want movie sheets ? 

Don’t know a lot about themes, you might wanna PM Tinwarble or TonyPh12345

There are many forum entries on changing themes in the WDTV Live Hub forum. You should take a look there.

… Or ask the “Author” of the Modified Gallery View in the link you posted.


It can be Easily Modified to work without ‘Moviesheets’ and use the WD Backdrops feature. (only 1 Backdrop though)  …so it will look ‘slightly’ different.

P.S. “Backdrops”  do not work for Folders or Sub-Folders (apparently it ‘used’ to work with ‘old’ Firmware… pre-dating FW 2.04.13)

P.P.S  Start a ‘New Topic’  in the ‘Themes Forum’  if you have any Questions.