Help or tutorial?

Hi guys

I hope that someone is willing to help me out. I have bought the WD Streaming Media Player 2 weeks ago and I have been searching like crazy on how to install a theme and get it to work. I have figured out how to use thumbgen, but I wanna use custom covers for the movies, how big do they have to be? Also what’s the difference between Moviesheet and XML ?

I can’t seem to find a good tutorial on how to get a custom theme to work and how you get custom bacdrops etc to appear with you movie… Maybe your HDD needs to have a specific folder structure?

What themes would you suggest using on a SMP? 

The coco ones seems nice but it doesn’t work (well) on a SMP. I installed Mochi Shade WIP 3 and it actually doesn’t work how it’s suppossed to, I probably did do something wrong.

Geesh I feel like a noobie XD. I have been googling about it for almost 2 weeks with no luck…

Edit: I also wanted to test the SMP and I put on a music video on it and the audio isn’t in sync with the video, it’s an avi and the audio is mpeg…

Check if the instructions on the link below help.