How to backup remote Personal Computer to my EX2 Ultra

I have recently bought a 4TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra and was successfully able to configure and map drives on my PC and laptop connected to my LAN. However, I have 2 computers (PC and a laptop) at my parents house in a different city and I was trying to find a way that if I can backup their data on my EX2 storage.
Therefore, can you please advise if I can achieve that and how?
Thanks a lot.


In order to backup PC’s from a different location on your my cloud device you need to setup Remote access for the device.

Please follow the below link to know how to setup Remote Access:

Hi Logan,
Thank you very much for the instructions. I am able to configure the port forwarding and can access the dashboard from outside the network. Now the only thing I need to figure is how to map my share on my PC in remote location. I have the tools to configure the backup but the only question is how access it.
Do I have to go \IP:port\sharename or will there be some other way to do that.
Thanks a lot for your support.

Hello aqilfaiz,

You can follow the below link to know how can you map the shares on a windows system:

Thanks a lot Logan.
These instructions are to map the drives when both the PC and NAS are on the same local network. What I am trying to do is find a way to backup the data from PC on a remote location over the internet or WAN e.g. my NAS is in NY City and my parents PC is in Albany and I want to backup their PC data.
Any advice for that.
I know there is limitation on mapping but exploring other options.