How to access to Transmission on my WD My Cloud?

Hi WD community,

I am the happy owner of a WD My Cloud 4 TB. I could not be happier with it as it does everything I bought it for. Very pleased.

Nevertheless, there is still an issue I am coping with at the moment. I have installed Transmission on my Nas using a very good tutorial from this forum ([APP] Transmission various versions for firmware V4+ (05/2020)). It works perfectly when I am home as I am using the following to connect to Transmission web page http://wdmycloud.local:9091/transmission/web/ . But how to access this page when I am not connected to my WIFI ? When I am not home basically. I can access to my WD My Cloud without any problem from abroad. My wish would be to access to the Transmission remote page but when I am not connected in local (when I am not on my WiFi).

Would anyone have an idea how to do that ? Would really appreciate !!



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There are no support articles available related to this since Transmission is not supported in the single-bay WD My Cloud. Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Open your home routers configuratin, set up a dynamic dns service ( for example, thats a free service connecting your wan-ip to an easy to remember hostname such as “”) your home network will be accessible from the internet then. so please make sure you installed the latest router firmware with security updates as well as changed the username/password to access the router from factory-given standards as “admin:admin” to individual ones. Once you did that, open a randomly chosen port (6212 for example) in the router configuration and forward it to port 9091 of your MyCloud. You should also set a username/password in your transmission configuration file.

after that you should be able to access your transmission via “

Thats it, access from anywhere.

Please, only do that if you know what you are doing and be aware that it is always a security risk to open your private network to the internet.

Hi AnFrieBra,

A huge thanks ! I will try it this weekend but it sounds music to my ears !