How many "Family Folder" topics are neccesary for you guys take action?

  • Its a fact the MyCloud Home is obsolete without the family folder in the Z drive. (it was strange that we couldn’t create our own shared folders, and manage access to them, but the family folder worked fine)

  • Its a fact that a lot of My Cloud Home users, used the device as a work tool rather than a “family sharing photos tool”. (maybe 1% of the users actually use the device to share photos and videos with the family (?)).

  • Its a fact that is one (or maybe the only one) feature a lot of users bought this product. (keeping in mind you advertise it WITH THE FEATURE).

  • Its a fact that forcing an automatic update removing a feature is unethical and unprofessional. (you are not kids programming a beta game).

  • Its a fact we all think you messed up pretty bad.



WD Community,.

We’ve heard your feedback since the software upgrade and we know that the Family Folder is a well-loved feature. Due to the overwhelming responses, we are going to bring back the Family Folder type sharing in a near future release. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a release date that will bring back the Family Folder sharing feature at this time and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

The My Cloud Home Team”


Why can’t you share a time frame for the return of Family folder?

Since 5.9.0 which removed the family folder feature there have been 4 or 5 updates and no release notes.

You should be able to bear some transparency with your users. Don’t we deserve a roadmap?

So disappointing.



Or they need to set up a blanket replacement of these device for something more reasonable.

Have now spent an hour reading through all the complaints and posts that lead to the Family Folder option even coming into existence, pretty sad historical record of non-responsiveness by WD. Seems I was lucky enough to purchase and put in place the My Cloud Home product after all that craziness. We believed we had found a fantastic product that fixed an issue we had trying to share and work on files via Dropbox for over a year. Then this update was forced on us (baffled that we could not go back to previous version, as if we have no ability to decide what is best for us ourselves) and we loose the functionality we require. This thing is a $300 paper weight at this point and your online app is essentially an expensive Dropbox… or any other cloud offering… obviously we are helpless, but you all do seem to monitor these feeds, so I log my complaint here… fix it now, send an update to restore the functionality you promise…

Side note… funny little item… everyone I invited could access the Family Folder through windows via any internet hookup before this update, but I could only access it through windows via the internet the My Cloud Home was actually hooked up to, otherwise I had to use the online download options…


Is it that somehow if too many users are using this feature there is some capacity issue back at your headquarters? Or is it a legal issue that caused you to remove this? I am really simply trying to appreciate what is restricting your timeline… if it was just a stupid idea by some group manager and you saw the errors of your ways, seems you would roll out the fix the next day… this seems like something more… perhaps I should abandon your My Cloud Home and demand a refund?


maybe a signed petition need to be sent to WD headquarter.

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Something more for them to ignore!

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Almost 4 months and still nothing.

With WD now having ‘updated’ the WD software so that we can now no longer see the Family Folder in the app (and only online), the custom software we wrote to work with the WD no longer works and won’t with this ‘improved updated’ version :rage:.

So can anyone suggest an alternative to the WD Cloud Home? But definitely NOT a WD drive where they clearly care nothing for their existing customers!


WD Community,


Will be releasing a new version of WD Discovery that includes a new Private Sharing feature similar to the Family folder.
This new feature will allow you to share any folder just like the previous Family folder feature.
We are expecting to release the new version by the end of this month.

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