Family Folder - How can I create it?


So I just got my 'My cloud home" and have it up and running. I want to share folders from one user to another, or in fact share a folder. So i looked in the online user manual and came across:
How to Share Content Between My Cloud Home Device Users
Answer ID 20850
It explain that you can use a Family folder for this purpose - but nothing of how to create the folder…
I see that there have been ‘ehm’, a few complaints on the forum regarding this missing in the software. Is it still missing or? If that is the case, the answer above is quite misleading…

This is the only feature that can make me a little happier with the product. I am very disappointed to have bought a system in which nothing can be simple. How can I share a photo with my wife? Update something together? Sending her a link?

Now we know it isn’t a “NAS”, but this “PAS” thing simply doesn’t work…

The Family Folder is created automatically by the device. This feature is in an update that is currently being rolled out. You should be notified about the update soon. Once your device is updated a Family Folder will automatically be created. The roll out of this update is done in phases and we expect the roll out to be complete by the end of the month.

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Hi Lance

Ive just recived a SW update for my WD Discovery.
If i check the Software version in WD Discovery then it is:
WD Discovery 3.0.250,
My Cloud Home is

When i go to my cloud home it says that the software version is 4.4.1-105.

I cannot see the family folder - what is the version number for the software that include the family folder?

There are a few roll-outs

  • WD Discovery
  • Desktop App included in WD Discovery
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Web App
  • My Cloud Home Firmware = must be updated with Over The Air firmware before you see the Family Folder. This roll-out will occur over time IE: 10%, 25 % 50% 100%

Please wait for the My Cloud Firmware update to occur.

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Thank you!

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Got the Family Folder. Thanks for the update.

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Me to, thanks WD :slight_smile:

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