Family folder disappeeared from computer

The family folder has disappearerd from my computer. If I log in on the wwebsite the familiy folder is still there.

How can I get it back on my computer?

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I have similar problem, but with my wife login.
As I am the principal, I can see it but she cannot. Also the shared folders.

I would like to know how that can be shown in the computer for her as well. Family and shared folders.

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The WD update to the MyCloud Home caused the removal shared folders/family folder from the WD Discovery client software. Currently for Windows and Macs, the only way to access shared folders is through the Website. I totally agree that lthis update was an terrible mistake in my opinion. I don’t see that Album support for media files is worth the shared file removal. I am with other in deciding to boycot any WD products from now on.


The problem is that I bought this thinking that it would word exaclty as the Dropbox (for an example).
The first problem they solved during the last update that was sharing foldders with specific people and not only via Family folder where everybody with access to the Cloud could see it. I couldn’t share documents with my wife only instead of allowing my parents to see it under the Family Folder.

Ok, this was solved and it is nice.
But they have to show these folders in the computer, not only in the website or app in the mobile. Something else for them to adjust in the next update.

Also the speed in very different than the Dropbox…but I learnt that, if you let it load all folders, it becomes faster. So, open it when you start your computer, wait a few minutes and the access will be faster. Opening the docs takes a while. My internet is 120 mb (not a slow one).

Let’s see what WD is going to do!