How Does WDMyCloud app work?

I have a single-bay WDMyCloud NAS. I store video files on it. I can reach these files from my Android WDMyCloud app. I just want to confirm my understanding.

Basically, my 3TB NAS is linked to 3TB of cloud storage provided by WD. Things are synced in the background, so when I add a file to the NAS, that file is synced in the WD Cloud. Otherwise, I cannot understand how my app (running via the cellular network, thus not on the same LAN as my NAS hardware) could reach those files.

I assume this is how it works. The only other alternative is that somehow my NAS is punching a hole through my firewall and my phone app is directly talking to my NAS hardware. This could be done, but wanted to make sure this is not the case.

Finally, it seems that I can stream those files to watch them using the WDMyCloud app. What streaming technology is used on the cloud side to make that streaming work? (I am pretty sure the server is not just saving the entire file to my device before playing).

@klaberte All your information is saved on your WD MY CLOUD. See the User Manual for your version of My Cloud.

If you want all your devices synced use WD Sync.

For streaming to your devices set that up on your Dashboard and Twonky.
For some information on Twonky read this, although it may not apply to Twonky that is used with the My Cloud.

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Very helpful reply! Thank you.

Could you point me towards more details on how my MyCloud punches through my router’s firewall, making it accessible to clients outside my home LAN?

@klaberte Have you gone to the Dashboard and read all the Help information provided for creating a new User and the steps they must take to create an account and be able to sign in and use your My Cloud by way of ?

@cat0w, yes I have. Those are user howto documents. I want to know the method for opening and forwarding ports in my firewall. Is it using uPnP? If so, I do not like it. I want to open the ports on my firewall, not have WD do so.

In short, there are no technical details on how “Relay connection established” is implemented.

There is some information that may be relevant in this WD Support Knowledgebase article:

One can setup manual ports (default is 80 and 443) in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section, and then setup corresponding manual port forwarding within one’s network router.

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@klaberte Use this link to see what a Google search returns.…0…1…gws-wiz…10…35i39._26FVWLjz7Y

Yes, there is some relevant info there. I do not like uPnP. I already have a VPN set up when I need access to my home LAN. I don’t like (read: don’t allow) my devices opening holes in my firewall without my knowledge. I’ve turned off Cloud Access for now.

I’ll encourage @cat0w to read through your helpful link. He seems to be a little confused about port forwarding, or trusts WD a lot more than I do.

If using VPN one doesn’t really need to use any of the WD apps. There are better third party apps for syncing and backing up. While most may not support independent secure methods of accessing the My Cloud, they should work through the VPN tunnel to the My Cloud.

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Since both of my My Clouds are working fine and do everything I want them to do I don’t plan on reading anything. I trust my computers and my network as I have them setup and protected. I have McAfee Total Protection protecting all my devices.

The WD My Cloud Desktop app no longer works and the mobile app that I have on my cell phone and tablet works just fine as do the other apps that I use to play music and watch videos. For my Desktop and Laptop I use and I also use this to share videos, music, files etc. with others when I need to.

So - - - I have been here.
I have also been alarmed at how “internet accessible” the WD MyCloud devices are. Makes you really think about “secure passwords” and “blocked ports” and such.

First. . .double check that turning off cloud access actually prevents access from the apps. I vaguely recall that I once turned off “cloud access”, and I could still access my drives from the APP. I recall it took the act of revoking access to the devices from the share menus to actually stop the ability to access. If I had previously granted access to a remote device - - - it retained access ability after I removed “cloud access”.

Second. . .my (limited) understanding is that WD cloud devices (not the HOME line) have had several security weaknesses identified. I know some have been resolved by various firmware updates. . . .but given the pace of updates (few and far between); I would be VERY surprised if there are NO vulnerabilities.

Third. . .on my ASUS routers. . . I really don’t know how to actually BLOCK ports. Forwarding seems to be a snap. It seems to my uneducated mind is that every piece of hardware and software I use is geared towards opening up ports; not blocking them. Heck. . I have LIGHTBULBS that seem to get occasional firmware updates (they update more often than my NAS boxes. … )

If I Really wanted to block internet access to my NAS boxes, I would take the default ports that I know they listen to (I can’t remember the exact addresses), and make sure the router was “Forwarding” those ports to a special unused IP address. In other words, if my device was listening on 8443 and was on IP address; I would ensure the router was set up to direct all 8443 traffic to IP address

Hope this helps.