How do you add a second disk to My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Adding a second disk to a My Cloud EX2 Ultra shouldn’t be that hard, should it? And if it is hard, how come I cannot easily find instructions on how I am supposed to do it.

Summary: I have a 6TB drive from my PC that I want to put in my MCEX2U (version 5.24.108). Once the drive is in, it shows up under Storage → Disk Status:
Drive2 6TB 35C Good
But in Storage → RAID even though it says RAID Health: Healthy, it only shows the existing disk:
Volume_1 JBOD 4TB Good

I tried going to Settings → Utilities → Format Disk, but it only shows volume 1.
I also tried Settings → Utilities → System Diagnostics → Quick Test.

In the alerts there is this message:
Volume Failure
The data on volume 2 on the drive is not accessible.
Visit the Help Center for support.
Code: 4

I put the disk back in my PC and it is working fine. I used Computer Management → Storage → Disk Management and deleted the single volume (aka partition) just in case MCEX2U cannot format a disk that already has a partition (NTFS or exFAT). I have noticed drives that come out of the MCEX2U have several raw partitions.

I expect most people only put brand new disks in their MCEX2U, so don’t come across this problem. My hope is I need to make my 6TB disk look like it has just come from the factory, but I am unsure how to achieve this.

I found a way to get the added disk recognised and formatted, but it is not ideal.

I removed the existing volume 1 4TB disk from bay 1. I was then prompted to select a RAID mode for the 6TB disk in bay 2. When I chose JBOD it scanned the disk and formatted it and presented it as volume 1. I then put the 4TB back in bay 1, and it added it as volume 2. So I now have volume 1 on drive 2 and volume 2 on drive 1. But at least it is working.

Hi @duncanclay,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: