Adding a second drive to My Cloud EX2

I purchased a My Cloud EX2 and one WD 4TB drive a few days ago. I now have a second WD 4TB drive in there but it only sees the first one. How do I get it to recognize the second drive?

Hae you looked at the manual? ->

The manual only covers the addition of USB drives and the replacement of an existing internal drive. This is neither.

After fiddling with the unit a bit, it has recognized the second drive but is still only using the first one. Capacity should be 8TB but is half that.

You’ll need to create a new volume on the new disk, and then add shares to that volume.

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Yep TonyPh12345…I forgot about that step. I had the same issue too and after a few puzzled minutes finally fgured it out after I put my first (and only drive) in the diskless EX2 model after purchase.

Thanks, guys.

If anyone with a similar problem happens by, what you want is under Change RAID Mode.

Thanks for adding the info. I’ll just add a bit more detail (or lookup page 83 of manual PDF for more details):

In dashboard, go to Storage -> RAID -> Change RAID mode.