How do I update apps on a MyCloudEx2 Ultra?

I have been getting notifications that there are updates available for 2 of my installed apps (DropBox and Squeezebox) on my MyCloudEx2Ultra but I dont find anyplace where on the Apps section of the NAS or anywhere else i can update the individual apps to the latest version. I was able to update the NAS firmware but where / how do I update the Apps?

It’s been quite a while since I needed to do this (cause I don’t use any apps very often).

But, at least in the case of Plex, I REMOVED the app, then installed the new one.
All the configuration data remained, so it didn’t seem like it deleted anything…

Try it with the app you care least about and see. :wink:

Thanks never mind I figured it out. I went to the APP section and any apps that needed updating there was a TINY list/note in an non-obvious space on that page and when I clicked on it I was able to update it. Would be MUCH more helpful if they put it in an OBVIOUS space so you notice it and can easily update. duh!! oh well. thanks
Yes Im sure un-installing and re-installing the app would also work, but may cause issues if you had a lot setup already and didnt want to start all over.

Hi, I’m having the same with Transmission and can’t seem to figure out how you did it.

What is that tiny list/note you mentioned? Next to the Transmission appears a downward arrow but just does nothing…

Is there something I’m missing?

Soeben wurde mir per Mail gemeldet, dass ich meine USB-Backup-App und die Antivirus-App updaten soll. Aber auch ich weiß nicht, wie das geht.

@Grobschnitt2611, if there is a newer version of the app available, there should be a yellow ! icon with a brief sentence showing up in your device web dashboard inside the “Apps” app when you access the App Store.