How can replace a corrupt firmware?

I have a WD Tv-live with 1.02.21 firmware but I thinq this is not run corectly… Some time play with delay same avi or mkv file or stop. I try to update firmware but menu display only internet update and there is not a new version. I want to reload this 1.02.21 version. Someone know how ? Thanq you.

If you already have a copy of the 1.02.21 firmware then all you do is change the VERSION=‘1.02.21’ line in the wdtvlive.ver file to a version which is higher, like VERSION=‘1.02.22’. You can use notepad to do the editing. Then copy all 3 files to the root of a usb stick and plug into one of the USB sockets. The WDTV will assume that it is new firmware and reload the firmware. 

Also, after following Rich’s instructions, do the following:

  1. Reset unit via side pinhole

  2. Factory Reset via Setup menu

  3. Power cycle unit by unplugging for 10 minutes.

This gets your WDTV as fresh and default as can be and rules out various quirks that can occur when updating firmware.