WD TV LIVE FIRMWARE UPGRADE from 1.01.11 to 1.01.77


I have download the new SW 1.01.77 to my PC I loaded in a USB stick and then I have try to upgrade the current version 1.01.11 but the WD TV LIVE can’t find the new Sw

Do you have any idea?

Thanks in advance for your time



Unfortunately, you have downloaded the version for the WD TV HD Media player.  You have the incorrect firmware for the WD TV Live.  Go to the link below for the correct firmware update.  However, you may need to be patient until they get the link updated.  It should be up sometime this morning.


Well welcome to the support role Bill_S.  Hopefully this is the shape of things to come!


Thanks for your reply but the Sw  version that I had install WD TV _live_1.01.11

Thanks anyway

Unfortunately, release notes posted are not so promissing :frowning:

It says about only one update and I quote: “Improved the reliability of the WD TV Live firmware upgrade manager by incorporating a more robust method of upgrading firmware over the internet.”

I was hoping for more. But still, from 11 to 17 only one minor improvement? Hmmmm

Don’t get too excited by my response, I just oversee.  However, we will try to get more active in helping as we are able to.

Antonis, try updating through the WD TV Live.  You should be able to access the firmware by internet.  Also, remember I did say be patient it should be up sometime this morning - well maybe today, now.

Just downloaded the latest firmware. No problems whatsoever. Works fine. Unfortunately I cannot see any changes or improvement, but I hope that software will be more stable.

And next, please: DVD menus!