Firmware version 1.01.17

Has anyone tryied updating TV Live firmware to this version (1.01.17) ?  I know that in the past, WD had some issues with 1.01.12 (not sure what happened to versions .13 thru .16 :wink: ).  I’ve got this notification today when I turned on the player, asking me if I want to upgrade to 1.01.17 (I am currently running 1.01.11).


I have updated to .17 without any issues here.

My player is connected to the network all the time.  It must have picked up this notification last night.  Not sure how it work, but this is what I’ve got on my screen this morning:

Current version: 1.01.11

New version: 1.01.17

New firmware found.  Do you want to upgrade?

I will post this question on WD TV Live Firmware forum as well.  Apparently the forum has split in

  • WD TV Live General should deal with any discussions or topics not related to firmware or networking.
  • WD TV Live Firmware should deal with discussions on topics specific to firmware and firmware updating.
  • WD TV Live Networking should deal with discussions relevant to networking topics.

(see the entry from Wednesday)

Go to WD TV Live Firmware forum.  There are some discussions there about this.