How can I reply to forum thread?

Dear forum admins,

How can I reply to my own post? At the moment when I browse it, the “Reply” button is disabled (“greyed”). Do I need to Have several posts (or rating) in order to reply in my own thread? Do I need to “Accept as Solution”? I’ve checked some more threads – in most of them the Reply button is enabled. Very strange…

I am logged in of course :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

The post is locked due to its age (almost 9 months old.)

Private message me why you want to reply to the thread.

I’m puzzled that another post is reply-disabled since the reply was not helpful and the user manual for the drive (Passport Essential SE in my case) doesn’t answer the question.  I would like to reply to that message, be more specific in describing the problem, and be more specific in my question/concern.  So, since the OP’s question wasn’t answered, I don’t see why it can’t be replied to.  Of course, I could post a new message, but it seems I’d be making a reasonable continuation / reply.  Thoughts?

Same reason.   It’s an old post.  

And as far as I can tell, the one reply that is there is spot-on accurate…

You could just PM the original poster with your info…

Are posts automatically reply-disabled after a certain age or is that condition manually determined by a forum moderator?

I think the reply I was referring to is inadequate (despite the OP’s lack of detail and reply back) because the situation is actually more complicated than either the OP or the responder described. See my new post today about safely removing a drive for the issues as I encounter them.  There’s inconsistent info from WD about the Passport’s drive status light, and indexing could be an “invisible” cause for unexplained disk activity. 

I will PM the OP to ask if my new post helps address his issues, but if I hadn’t also posted then I’d only be informing him and not anyone else with similar questions. 

I think if the main poster closed the reply option then it is hard to reply thread.

You my PM  for a requeast to the poster then he may be open the reply option.



After around 2 months we block new replies on dormant threads.  If you want a particular response, you should either start a new topic, or private message the original posters for further information.