"Hot" message

There is a flashing icon for my “Mybooklive” and the message when I put the curser over it shows temperature Hot. This is stopping me connecting to the drive. I left the device unconnected for a few days but when I reconnected the power and cable the message was still there

Does anyone have any idea how to stop this

Firstly, exactly where do you have your MyBook Live positioned.  Is it standing vertically?  Ge the thermometer out, put it next to the MyBook Live and tell is what the room temperature is where the MyBook Live is positioned.

This happened to me - on two MBL’s - the WD Quick View icon was flashing red in the task bar - indicating drive was overheating.

The drive was not even spinning (sleeping - blue LED)  and was cool to the touch.  Upgrading to the latest 02.02.02-020 firmware resolved the issue.  I cannot remember whether there was also an update to the WD Smartware as well.

In my case - I was still able to connect to the drive - despite the HOT warning.

However - you do need to physically inspect the drive to ensure that this is a false warning - by checking to see that is in an upright position - not hot to the touch - and has plenty of air flow space around it.