Overheat warning

I have a brand new My Book Live, just installed and functioning OK…  I keep getting a notice that it is too hot.  It is well ventilated and not even warm to the touch.  is this a defect?  Do I need to return it.

might sound silly but, you have it upright like a book, right?  with the vents at the top?

also, if your browser is not correctly mapping http://mybooklive/UI then the reporting features in the taskbar notification area will not be accurate.

Also, what you need to remember is what is the ambient room temperature.  For example, my MBL drive’s temperature right now is 42 degrees Celsius.  Say the temperature in the room is 30 degrees Celsius.   Add the two together and you get 72 degrees Celsius. May be because of lack of convection add a degree or two more and…  OOPS!!!  Ya get a overheating warning.

Do you find out what to do… i have same issue and i but it in frond of a fan and it keep saying warning… please let me know

If your version of firmware is just “prior” to 02.02.02-020 - there was a false overheat warning being produced by the WD Quick View / Smartware icon in the system tray of the Windows Desktop.  If you are seeing this - and your drive does not appear to be excessively warm to the touch - then your drive is probably not overheating.  Upgrade to the latest firmware 02.03.01-024 and see if the warning disappears.  Also make sure your drive is always in a upright position and that the air vents at the bottom are not blocked - the drive depends on a chimney effect to provide fan-less cooling.