3TB My Book Live - Hot Temperature on WD Quick View

 Posted in the wrong section earlier.  Basically I got a brand new 3TB my book live that has shown hot temperature in the quick view from day one.  I have not even stored any data on the drive yet and it is located in a 72 degree room.  Do you guys believe this to be a bad hard drive or more of a software issue?  Thanks in advance.  Mark

 Link:  http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-for-PC/WD-Quick-View-Showing-Hot-Temp-on-3TB-My-Book-Live/m-p/247580/highlight/true#M8098

I have the very same issue on my 1TB My Book Live. 72 degree room, Derive off for 24 hours and it shows hot as soon as I turn it on.

My issue has been resolved.  I did some research on the site and realized the WD Quick View was not actually seeing MBL even though I could access it via my computer and via ip address.  Evidently WD Quick View has to access the drive via the http://mybooklive/UI/ site.  In my case, that site wasn’t working for me (dashboard link via WD Quick View) and therefore, Quick View was giving me erroneous information like my drive was hot and usage was 900%. 

Solution:  used cman548 instructions at:  http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-Live/Oops-Internet-Explorer-could-not-find-mybooklive/m-p/201738/highlight/true#M2187

In Summary:  I went to my computer’s Local Area Connection, highlighted the icon, and then right clicked selecting properties.  Next I highlighted TCP/IPv4 and clicked properties and changed the DNS to manual and entered and

A long discussion on why the above works can be found at: http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-Live/MyBookLive-device-can-access-the-dashboard-via-IP-address-but/td-p/129972/highlight/true/page/4

Hope this helps those who were having similar issues.  thanks Mark

Hello Everyone,

Any assistance would be appreciated on the issue I’m running into.  I just purchased a brand new 3TB My Book Live from Best Buy yesterday and over the last two days I’ve noticed the WD Quick View icon in my icon tray has been flashing constantly.  I have yet to store a single file on the hard drive but already have received the following message “your device temperature is above the maximum allowed, please move your device to a well-ventilated area.”  The quick view shows the temperature as hot.  However, the unit is cool to the touch. 

My external drive is in a room that is 72 degrees.  There is no hot equipment near it.  I have even unplugged the unit a few times and left if off for hours.  Very quickly after I plug it back in, the alert message pops up again with regard to high temperature. 

Do you guys think I got a lemon for a hard drive or do you believe it is more of a WD Quick View software issue? 

It does sound like a false alarm.  The maximum operating temperature for both of Western Digital’s current 3 TB models (WD30EZRX and WD30EURS) is 60°C, or 140°F.  That’s rather toasty, and I can’t see how the MyBook casing could possibly be cool to the touch, with the hard drive warm enough to cause a burn.

I assume this is one of the USB 3.0 models, correct?  I bought the 3 TB USB 3.0 MyBook several weeks ago, but the MyBook enclosure failed so quickly, that I never even had a chance to explore the SmartWare/QuickView software.  Does QuickView tell you what the temperature actually is?

To get to the bottom of this, you need to know the actual temperature of the drive.  You could try the trial version of Hard Disk Sentinel.  This software can pull SMART data through some USB connections.  This ability depends heavily on the specific SATA-USB chipset used in the external enclosure.  Some USB chipsets support SMART monitoring (which would include temperature) over USB, some don’t.  I don’t know whether Western Digital’s chipset does, because I threw away the MyBook and put the disk (WD30EZRX) in a different enclosure (Zalman HE-350-U3E).

Issue Resolved.  My WD Quick View did not have access via http://mybooklive/UI/ and therefore was giving me erroneous informaiton. 

I realized I posted in the wrong section and moved the thread.  See the following llink for how I resolved the issue. 



ah, good.  My 1TB is crammed behind a plasma tv and I never get a “hot” reading.  So either his is malfunctioning or mine is.  I hope his!

I love the MyBook drives but I have always had this issue, even with the enclosures that have the fans. They get so hot they just stop working. I have 3 of them totallying 5TB across the three and I never use them without a good fan sitting behind them to keep them cool and running.

Frustratingly so, i’m having the same issue.  Glad to see there is a fix.    But how do i make those mods in Windows 7?  I don’t see the options you described.


This fixed my issue. Everything shows green now.