Drive Temperature

I have a new My Book Live 1TB drive.  The quick view icon at the task bar shows the Temperature as “Unknown”.  Where is there no reading here?

Hi there, if the temperature is not being checked then I would suggest to open the Dashboard and run a full diagnostic, just in case…

Also try to reinstall the quick view icon.

You can get drive temperature executing following line from root account in shell:

smartctl -a -d ata /dev/sda | awk '/Temperature/ {print $10}'

Mine shows 56 right now. Quite hot… :frowning:

Ran the quick diagnostic and test showed OK.  Then ran the complete diagnostic and still tested OK.

How would_ _I reinstall the Quick View Icon?

Sorry but I don’t understand where I am putting this code.

The advice is to run the above line from within a ssh shell. If you haven’t enabled ssh access, then it isn’t really an option. If you’re a windows guy through and through then you may find ssh rather unenjoyable, in which case ignorance is bliss. I’m not sure whether WD allow us to post how to enable ssh on here or not, but Google is ever your friend.

smartctl is a program that reads data from a hard drive, and will run tests on it if need be. It spits out quite a lot of data, the vertical line (a “pipe”, |) feeds the data through another program called awk which filters out most of the data to make it more readable.

I was not getting temp or remaining capacity info on the quick view icon until I changed the DNS address of the PC’s wireless adapter.  changed it from dynamic to google’s  After a while the icon started getting updated information.