Hide private folders from other users [FTP]

Hello Is there any way to make folders visible only for users which have rights to read or write? I want to make folders invisible for user who do not have privileges to read or write. Example: 2 folders: “folder1” and “folder2” and user: “user2” user2 have privileges to read and write to folder2, but do not have any privileges related with folder1 At this moment when user2 logs in using FTP he is able to see both: folder1 and folder2, but he can access only folder2. I want to make folder1 invisible to him. I need to create folders for group of users and make it visible only for corresponding groups. Is there any way to change it (maybe via ssh)?

Hello, from the MBL dashboard you can make a folder private, all of the users can see the folder name but only the ones that you allow can map it, you can also change the read and write permissions per user. Check page 82 of the manual.


Also, the VSFTPD service within the MyBook Live is simple, but is pretty darn secure as long as you use difficult to guess and crack passwords.

You may then say that the Public folder is always readable, but I think I found a way to even sort that.  See . . .