Public folders no full access for certain users

All users have full access to the public folders, but is it possible to restrict access to read only for a user?
I can’t figure out how to fix that problem.


AFAIK, not possible for the public share.


Please add this feature in future firmware! This is a major functionality gap for all of the WD home cloud products. I even purchased a new My Cloud (upgraded from mybook live) in hopes of this being fixed, but no luck. I have hacked the permissions in the samba files in my mybook, but this gets weird too and certainly is not a solution for the average home user.

So currently users have two options, both of which are a pretty poor user experience:

a) map two drives, one to the public share and one for a private share. Then move files automatically uploaded to the public share (from your phone/tablet apps or whatever else you are using to take photos, videos, etc) from public to private and manually manage permissions for the private share. This is a pain and creates an additional manual process and more importantly lag time between file/photo/video capture/creation and remote viewing capabilities. 

b) give anyone you want to share your files with full write (MOST IMPORTANTLY DELETE) permissions. If you are using one of these devices to house all of your precious files and/or memories, this is a terrible idea and a catastrophic accident waiting to happen. 

This is an issue that I would think almost every one of your average home users (no secondary backup of the device) face and I am very surprised that this has still been overlooked. Please fix this in the next update!