Restrict access to public share via remote access, wd2go/externally mapped drives


I use the public share in my MBL for all my family photos/videos/music. I have twonky running, which usually allows me to access my stuff from tv, etc. I have android and iOS devices that sync photos to the drive using the WD Photos app. This works on both platforms and everything has generally been good so far.

My problem that I have now is that I have set up my extended family with remote access so they can view all of our photos and videos as they are added to our collection. I am able to map a drive for them (all on Windows) and they can access my public share, which is great. However, the share has full write access and more importantly they can delete EVERYTHING by mistake. With my family, this is almost sure to happen if I do not disable the ability to delete. 

I found the following KBA and applied the recommended changes.

This locks down the shares for local drive maps as expected and seems to work great. However, this does nothing for the remote access or drives mapped through I can’t use the remote access feature for friends and family if they have the ability to delete. I know I could set up a priate share, but the wd phot apps only allow syncing t the public share. Does anyone know if there is another samba file for the remote access priveleges? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. 


I’m curious as to why you have all your files in the public folder to begin with?

I think the best approach to this is to create a private share for yourself move your files into it and another private share for your family or family members and if you still wanted to share photos, files, etc with them you could grant them read only access to your private share (meaning they can access and download files but they arn’t allowed to write to or delete anything on the share) by having them use a separate set of credentials this approach seems easier to me than tinkering around with the samba settings not to mention if you screw around with the wrong file you could be potentially bricking your device and voiding your warranty just a thought. 

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Please add this feature in future firmware! This is a major functionality gap for all of the WD home cloud products. I even purchased a new My Cloud (upgraded from mybook live) in hopes of this being fixed, but no luck. I have hacked the permissions in the samba files in my mybook, but this gets weird too and certainly is not a solution for the average home user.

So currently users have two options, both of which are a pretty poor user experience:

a) map two drives, one to the public share and one for a private share. Then move files automatically uploaded to the public share (from your phone/tablet apps or whatever else you are using to take photos, videos, etc) from public to private and manually manage permissions for the private share. This is a pain and creates an additional manual process and more importantly lag time between file/photo/video capture/creation and remote viewing capabilities. 

b) give anyone you want to share your files with full write (MOST IMPORTANTLY DELETE) permissions. If you are using one of these devices to house all of your precious files and/or memories, this is a terrible idea and a catastrophic accident waiting to happen. 

This is an issue that I would think almost every one of your average home users (no secondary backup of the device) face and I am very surprised that this has still been overlooked. Please fix this in the next update!