Private share that WD 2go cannot access

I have a private share setup but WD 2go on my iPhone 4S can access it. Essentially, I want WD 2go to be able to access the shandard Public share but NOT the private share I created. Is this possible? I have looked through all the settings but can’t find a way so that the private share is only accesible though my local home network.



I think you need to take the private share out from the public folder.

It is not under the public folder. It is a separate share/folder from public.

I created a private share called MyShare via the UI.  I granted read/write access only to the admin user but not to any other users.  In users I created a user called testuser and it by default has readwrite to the Public share and everything underneath.  I then connected to my new share on my Mac and moved some files into share.

On remote access setup - I added remote access to testuser and got a new code.  On WD2go I added my device using the new code for testuser.  I am only able to see the Public Share and not the new private folder.

I went back into remote access and got a new code for the admin user.  I added the device again to WD2go on my iPhone.  The new code replaced the previous device - because only one user is allowed per device via the WD2go app (or so it seems).

With the new access code I can see both the public share and my newly created private share with files in it.

If you are not doing something similar to the steps that I outline above - then you may have done something incorrectly.

Also - a while back - there was some type of security fix in one of the firmware updates for the MBL - which I believe corrected a similar access issue to the one you are describing.  Make sure you are on the latest firmware 02.10.09-124 - and then try again.


After re-reading your original post - when you set up your device in the WD2go app - you had to get an access code for a specific user (either admin or some other user that you created).  Is it possible that you originally set up WD2GO with a remote access code that is for the admin user.  If so - then WD2GO on your iPhone will be able to see every share on the MyBook Live.  You need to be sure that the remote access code that you use on your phone is for a user other than “admin” - and that user needs to have permission only to the Public Share.

This worked. Thanks!

Great - Glad to hear that your problem is resolved.  Please remember to click the kudos star on the left if you were satisfied with the help you received and also mark your issue as resolved.