FTP access

Hello all…

I´m a proud owner of a 3Tb MBL in wich I have some shared folders. Is possible to avoid certain of these folders to be accesible from FTP only, but accessible in windows explorer?

If I change any folder permissions, I can still get ftp access to those, but denied from windows explorer, and I want the reverse way, I mean: people FTP connected can see and download these folders; i want to deny FTP access to some of those folders, but still available for me in my windows explorer; little bit messy but I hope you understand what I mean

Thanks in advance.



I have not tried this. But maybe other users can share some knowledge.

Search for “FTP folder” on this forum and you might find a few solutions. Be aware, not sure if some will void your warranty,

Here is one:


Great! That´s what I´m loking for…

Thanks indeed.