HGST 4kn support


I have a number of He12 4kn drives and my current G-Raid removable drive system does not support them. Is there a G-Technology product that supports the 4kn drive configuration, or is there a way to flash the drives to a 512e configuration so they can be used in my current G-Raid storage unit?


The drives the G-RAID comes with are also 4Kn drives. What are you experiencing when placing them in the enclosure?


Hi Rydia

I purchased a G-Tech G-Raid Studio 12TB (2 Disk) from Apple Canada on 06 December, 2014. In 2016, I replaced the original two 6TB disks with HGST He-8 disks. Both the original disks which came with the unit and the He-8 drives were conventional 512e formatted drives.

Two weeks ago, I purchased two HGST He-12 drives (part #HUH721212ALN600) to upgrade my array to 24TB (Raid 0). These drives are prominently marked as “Advanced 4Kn format”, although I was not aware of this when I ordered them.

When I placed these two drives in the G-Raid Studio, my Mac Pro does not recognize the drive as being connected, and the G-Raid Studio Configurator application reports “No drives found”. I also attempted to connect the drives to both my MacBook Pro and a Windows 7 PC using an eSATA USB docking station. The MacBook does not see the drives at all and the Windows PC correctly identifies the drive part number but is unable to to initialize. When I returned the two He-8 drives to the G-Raid, the array was instantly recognized by the G-Raid Studio Configurator application.

Do I require a firmware upgrade to my G-Raid Studio? Alternatively, is there a way to connect to and reformat the He-12 drives to 512e?



There are no firmware updates for the G-RAID but I also didn’t realize you had the G-RAID studio which is an older chipset of the controller and was released quite a while ago.

The silver G-RAID removable devices should be able to read the drives just fine however. My recommendation would be to return the drives you purchased and get 512e drives instead. HUH721212ALE60 / 0F30144


Not feasible to return the drives at this point, but thanks for the assistance… lesson learned!