Help with WB wireless Mybooklive & iTunes

Can someone please help on how to configure itunes library to mybooklive.

Ive got a folder containing all of my music on mybooklive and what im trying to do is have this folder as my itunes library for music using my mac. Also as ive got a ipad & iphone i would like this to sync so when i open my music app on any of my devices i can use the music in that folder. Is this possible? Hopefully i can and someone can give me some clear instruction on how to do this. :smiley:

map your shares location

move the iTunes folder in that share

If you are using Windows, hold down the Shift key and start iTunes.

If you are using a Mac, open iTunes and immediately hold down the Option key.

select the “choose library” option

navigate to the mapped drive go inside the itunes folder and double click the “.itl” file 

*I’m not very mac frendly so if you need to know how to map a drive on ios google it.*

I think thats what you wanted if I interpreted your post correctly. Let me know…