Mybook live and itunes


I have a Mybook live since this WE and am facing issues with itunes.

I have put all my music in the music shared folder.

When I open itunes, a folder appears with mybook live.

When I click on it, nothing appears and itunes goes back to my initial library … impossible to access my shared music.

I have 2 laptops and same thing for both of them,

Please hellp,



After you moved the files to the network drive, have you refresh or udate the itunes library? If not, please make sure to do that.


I have copied all my files to the shared music directory, but still ahve them on my laptop drive.

My itunes library is directly linked to my harddrive on my laptop.

What do you mean by refresh or update the itunes library ?



Hi, can anyone from the supoprt team help me solving that issue ?