Help with setup please! MyCloud EX2 Ultra/Windows 10

I’ve just connected a MyCloud EX2 Ultra to the LAN on a Windows 10 PC. The drives are from a defunct Win 7 PC.

On Dashboard > Storage > Disk Status both drives show up as healthy and S.M.A.R.T. data can be downloaded from each of them. They both passed the quick test in system diagnostics.

On Win 10 File Explorer “MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA” appears under “Network”, but when I click on it “This Folder is Empty” is displayed, I would expect to see the drives appear here. I’ve put a USB stick in one of the sockets an the back and that doesn’t show up either on the dashboard or Windows Explorer. When I try to add a share I get “Error - No volume found”

I’ve looked through the FAQs, this forum and the user manual PDF, but I just can’t get the drives to appear on File Explorer.

The following SMB features are enabled:
SMB 1.0/CIFS automatic removal
SMB 1.0/CIFS Client
SMB 1.0/CIFS Server

Would I need to format the drives? The “Format” and “Scan Disk” options are greyed out so I couldn’t run them anyway.

I’ve rebooted the PC and the NAS unit.

I’ve tried to update the MyCloud firmware but that button is greyed out too.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Since my last post switching the NAS off and on has brought the USB stick to life, I can access it from the PC and my smartphone, it’s just the hard drives that refuse to be recognised.


Sounds like you brought over the HDD that was previously used by another computer. Under Storage, did you setup the RAID option and the volume?

Thanks jchen

Indeed the HDDs are from a Win 7 machine, I was hoping they’d be accessible on the EX2 but I’ve ordered a SATA HDD caddy so I can get the data off and format the drives via USB.

There are some outstanding updates to Win 10, but I can’t install these until 1st November (It’s now 30th October) because I’m right on my monthly broadband limit.

I can’t set RAID because there are no configured volumes, and getting the volumes configured is the problem!

I’ve managed to install a 2nd HDD on the USB (2 TB) and that works fine, although having to boot the EX2 is a bit of a pain.

The external HDD drive has gone offline, with a reported “loss of power on Port 1” fault, even though there has been no loss of power. A warm boot didn’t work so I had to do a cold boot to get the drive back on line.

The HDD is a 2TB Samsung D3 Station, and has performed faultlessly connected to the USB port on my router. The drive does spin down after a period of inactivity, but this shouldn’t stop it working.


I formatted one of the drives on a PC as NFTS, put it in the EX2 and after the boot cycle the drive light and the power light were a steady blue. Previously the drive LED(s) were red and the power LED cycled on and off over a 10 second period. I’ve just transferred over 200 GB of data without a snag.

I was now able to get into the RAID section and format the drive as JBOD because at the moment I just want to store files, I’ll try the fancy stuff later!

If the instructions that came with the EX2 said that the HDD must be newly formatted and the LEDs should be showing blue it would have saved hours of faffing about.

The firmware upgrade seemed to go OK.

I’ll just stick with the one drive at the moment, the 2nd one is a Win 7 boot drive which I’ll use when I upgrade from Win 10 to Win 7 :slight_smile:

Thanks again jchen for your help,