Help with network set up?

I have just purchased the WD TV LIVE Media Player.  I’m trying to set up my network part and the Automatic connection mode faled.  When I goto the Manual section I don’t know where to find the values to enter into IP address, subnet mask, Gateway, DNS.  Is their a place to find what values to enter on my desktop system?  I’m currently using Windows XP and have the WD hardwired to my network.

You can check your XP machine IP by:

Start>Settings>Network Connections>Local Area Connection>Properties>Status>Support

This shows your IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway

It will probably be something like

Set your WD box to the same first 3 octets and a different 4th octet(like

The subnet mask should be (Class C)

The Gateway should be something like or (Netopia)

The DNS should be the same as the Default Gateway(this uses the DNS provided by your service provider connection).

In my case, I have a Netopia DSL Modem/Router that uses as it’s PRIVATE IP. My XP machine is manually configured to (static IP). It never changes (not DHCP). I set my WD box to (it doesn’t matter what the 4th octet is, just that the first 3 octets are the same as the XP machine with the shares). The 4th octet MUST BE UNIQUE (not duplicated by any other machine/device on your network.

I have only had my WD box about 4 hours but I was able to goto YouTube and watch videos. Also my XP shares were available to view and play content from.

Hope this helps

Thank you midiman1,  you have been the most help to me so far!

My XP Listed as:

IP address :

Submask  :

Default Gateway  :

DNS  :

Therefor my WD box should be set to:

IP address :

Submask  :

Default Gateway  :

DNS  :

and this will get me connected?

I just tried the about without success!

When I look at my modem under Internet Connection details I have the following:

Internet Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary Domain Name Server:
Secondary Domain Name Server:

Can I use any of these values?

In a typical router you have the public and the private sides. The public side is the IP from your service provider that connects you to the internet. The private side is the network in your home that all the PC’s/devices are connected to. The router routes any requests to addresses outside your private network to the public side, through the Default Gateway.

The IP’s you’ve listed are all on the public side.

You did, however, describe what appears to be proper settings for the XP machine and the ones you chose for the WD box should have worked. Not sure what’s happening.

Are you able to get to YouTube with the settings you tried?

When I check connection I get a check for the IP Address but get a X for the DNS server and says :incorrect DNS server address.  No I don’t get anything from YouTube.  I’m not a YouTube user but when I entered a search request

search complete. No results found.  I don’t know if I need a log in to use this features or not?

You might try the primary DNS and see if you get to youtube. No you don’t need an account with youtube. I only wanted to try that to see if works, to rule out a few things.

How is your XP machine connected to the internet? Is it directly connected to the modem, or do you have a router between the XP machine and the modem?

My XP machine goes right to my modem. I have one desk top hard wire connected and two laptop connected wirelessly.  I also have a printer networked.

That explains the problem with DNS not working. Is your internet service DSL, Dial-up, or Cable?

Which Primary DNS do you want me to enter and where would you like me to enter it.

Again I want to thank you for all your time helping me with this.  It is very appreciated.  I have been at this for a week asking everyone from my internet provider to my firewall support with very little help.  WD support has only suggested to update my WD Live (which I have done).

Again this is very appreciated, Thank You.

Again, what kind of internet connection do you have? (DSL,Dial-Up, or Cable)


It’s Bell Sympatico, through the phone lines

Sorry this is taking so long … but we’ll get eventually.

Ok. How are the 2 wireless PC’s connecting to the DSL?

Normally the DSL modem connects to the phone line and to the router and the pc’s connect to the router’s switch ports, either wired or wireless.

But you say that the modem is connected to the XP machine.

My earlier post has a link to my modem from my internet provider’s support page.

I’ve got that page up and looking at it. I’ll get right back to you. there is also this page, mine is the second modem. Do I need to do something their? I would have to get an admin password to access this section. I have to call customer support on the phone to do this ( and calling India takes some time ).

I’m not sure this is helpful, when I print out a Network Summary on my printer this is what I get.

IPv4 address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:


You have basically what I have except I don’t have a wireless capable modem/router. All my pc’s are wired to the modem/router.

Your other pc’s (the wireless ones) don’t have any problems getting to the internet?

You plugged the WD box into one of the 4 ethernet jacks on your modem/router? (only 2 jacks left empty now)

My XP desktop, Network Laser Printer and the WD is plugged into the back of the modem.  Then I have two laptops that no problems connecting or printing to the networked printer.  I even had a “free to air” satellite receiver that uses the network for updates connected where the WD is now.   The satellite receiver worked fine until I replaced it with the WD.

Sounds like everythings working between the internet, modem, and the pc’s. Sorry it took so long to get to this point.

Now about your shares on the XP machine. Can you get to them from the wireless machines and play content?