Network Setup

I have just purchased a WD TV Live and am having trouble setting up the network function.  I have a small home network connected through a 5 port switch.  Each component in the network has a fixed IP address - no DNS server.

How do I setup the WD TV to work without a DNS server?  I want it to access my media folder on one of my notebooks that is connected to the network.

Just give it a dummy IP address for the DNS server; maybe just the same IP address as your notebook.  That shouldn’t interfere with finding Windows Shares; that doesn’t require DNS.

Hi. Can somebody check this:

Go to network settings and try change ip adress settings to something like:

No matter what ip, only matter is that all digits was in all octets.

My wdtvlive on 1.01.17 firmware says it’s errorneus ip :frowning:

But or it’s fine.

No problem doing that here…  I’m on 1.01.24, though…

You can also use one of the public dns servers like  or

You will need dns should you decide to use pandora or youtube.