Help with disabling power save / spin-down?

Hello all, I am looking for a spindown utility software for my WD drive.  Or some way of disabling power saving or turning off the spindown.

I have a 750GB WD green drive, (WD7500ACS)  it is in a  MyBook enclusre.

What can I use to access the spindown / disable power save on my drive?

If your my book is compatible with smartware, you should be able to click on the smartware setup option and disable the sleep option. 

Hi thanks for your reply, can you please give me a run-down on how to access the smartware or control panel for the mybook via my pc

From the smartware interface go to setup/setup drive/sleep timer. Check the link below to download smartware.

Hello again, I downloaded the software from the link you posted.

I ran the WD Smartware application and I don’t see an option for “Setup”

All I see is Home, Backup, Retrieve, Settings and Help tabs

The Settings tab does not have anything like the options you mentioned. 
EDIT: I see in the help topics that if my drive doesn’t show a “Setup” option, I need the WD Drive Utilities tool but I don’t know where to get that :confused: