Help urgently needed

I was working in an Excel file sitting on mycloud drive away from home where the server box is on a wifi network and the network dropped do it would May allow me to save the file kept saying document not saved so then I saved a copy to my desktop reopened windows explorer and cut and paste the copy file into the my cloud drive. Then went to delete the older version and rename the updated file without the copy title. Somehow in this process both files disappeared completely. The old version did not end up in the recycle bin it looks like it was permanently deleted and the new version just disappeared :frowning: it was a very important file and I now need to try to recover it one version or another urgently

I have tried the restore files through the drive right click but nothing appears on desktop or drive

I am now heading home to where the main mycloud box is to try and find a way to get either version back I just need one version that was worked on today not previously

Please please any help or advice how I can recover the file. If it needs to be from 24 hours ago then that it better than nothing

Your nas also has a recycle bin. Did you check there?

I couldnt find a recycle bin in my folders and i went through the live chat and they didnt see one either. do you know how i can find this. what is a Nas? sorry not technical here

Network-attached storage - Wikipedia

Is this what you own? WDMyCloudImage