File disappeared from Mycloud - sensitive info

Tonight whilst saving an excel document it crashed a couple of times but I didn’t worry as it was saved to mycloud home drive and was accessing it directly from there. Since crashing the file is no longer visible and I can find it at all. It’s an excel document which I use daily and I can see it was opened at 9.33am today and saved on the 11th Dec in the history but can’t find it.

Any help or suggestions would be amazing as I really need this file for my business as it has 7 years of client records!

Signed up to here because of the same reason.

After my wife finished her university assignment which is due this Thursday, she uploaded to MyCloud Home and yesterday when she checked the drive again she didn’t find nothing saved and also she made the mistake of cut and paste so the file isn’t on the local drive either.

Any help how this could of happened???