File Data Deleted...Alice


In the past two weeks, I’ve opened an Excel file and a Word file from my My Cloud with my PC at work.  I opened these files from the WD My Cloud PC application.

When I opend the Excel file last week, most of the contents disappeared from the file when I opened it.  I thought this was weird and figured I did something wrong so i X’d out of the Excel program.  When I reopend the file the data was still missing and I couldn’t recover.  I chalked it up to user error.

Today I opened a Word docuement.  This is a 2 page file with a lot of information I have developed over two weeks.  The file, as the Excel file above, has resided on My Cloud and have worked on it periodically my home pc without iissue.  When I opened the file up from my office pc today all of the file contents disappeared again! and I was left with a blank Word file.  Once again I X’d out of Word and it automaticaly saved a blank word file back to My Cloud.  All is lost.

Well this is a fine mess I’ve gotten myself into Alice!  What Up?

Hi beachfarmer, sorry to hear you had problems with your files. This problem could be caused by an unstable connection, if you’re using wireless Internet access be sure that the signal strength is good. You can also try to save the file locally and then save it again to the My Cloud once you’re finished. See if the following link helps.

If the problem continues I recommend you to contact tech support directly, they can assist you in finding a solution.