[HELP] shared folder can't be seen and can't do map network drive

Hello all,

I bought my book live 3TB just a few days ago.

I am using Windows 7 with kaspersky pure.

Using the CD setup, I can discover the mybooklive on my network but when map network drive and creat desktop shortcut, there is not any shortcut on my desktop and the map network drive is not showing. i.e. windows explorer did not show my book live at all. but still the setup continue to next step which is installing WD quick view and everything just went alright.

after all done, I can not see the shared folder and when I want to map network drive the \mybooklive\public, it said unable to connect.

using my wife’s macbook, I showed straight away.

is it because of the kaspersky? how to solve this problem?

Thank you so much,

Might be the firewall blocking the my book, check the kaspersky firewall settings and try to add the my book IP, you can also try to use WDlink to map it.