Help remotely connecting laptop to My Cloud

Hi, I have a new MacBook Pro and wanted to connect it to the My Cloud drive we have at home.

I do not currently live at the place where the My Cloud drive is so have been trying to connect remotely.

When I did this with my phone it was as easy as downloading the app, entering the log in and then I had access, but with the MacBook Pro it’s not behaving this way. When I log in using the desktop app, it says “Could not find any devices associated with your login”, and when I log in on the website, it shows the message “No Device Available, please notify the device’s owner (or Admin User)”.

Given that I can still remotely access the cloud drive using my phone or my old laptop, I don’t see why this is happening! Can anyone shed some light on the issue?

I have spoken to my Dad who will be taking a proper look at it when he gets home, and will be trying the reboots. I also suggested that he might try adding a new email address login to the cloud and we can see if that works.

If you can access the My Cloud through the web portal then you should be able to use that same username/login in the My Cloud Desktop program. Look for the login option within the Desktop program. The Windows version of the Desktop program has it so I assume the Mac version does as well.

Thanks for your response.

I am able to log in on both the desktop app and the website, and it is only
after a successful login that these messages appear. In the case of the
desktop app, the message appears and then it takes me straight back to the
sign in page

If you haven’t done so already, try turning off remote access on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings page, wait a few minutes, and turn it back on. Then test remote access again.

Ok i’ll try that, thanks! And i’ll let you know if it succeeds or fails.
Although, surely the fact that I can still access it on my phone means that
it isn’t an issue with the remote access? Of course I could be wrong here!