Help reinitializing my Ex2

Hi there. My “RAID1 degraded” issue persists. I have even removed Drive 2 (the one that shows the red LED at the front), I cleaned all partitions on it using DISKPART and popped it back, the EX2 still says degraded, does not auto-rebuild the RAID and does not offer me to manually rebuild it.

I have attached a third 2TB drive on the USB port and created a MIRROR (SYNC) backup job of my data to it. My intention is to clean the RAID drives, restore the EX2 to factory defaults and bring the backup back. My question is: How do I bring it back? Do I use a restore job? Do I manually copy it? Will the restore job maintain the volumes and shares?

Also, another question. I thought about changing the RAID method on the Control Panel to try and force a rebuild. Will that destroy data on my volume?

If the disk drive itself is not healthy, rebuilding will only make the problem worse. Copy the data into another location (A manual file transfer is recommended for reliability) and replace the faulty drive.


Well, that’s the point, I got the RAID degraded message after a power outage, and have ran quick disk tests, full disk tests, scan disk tests, and they all returned good and healthy for both disks. Auto rebuild does not kick in, and manual rebuild never shows as an option. WD support has been unable to help so far.

Same issue, did you ever get a resolution?

No fix, used an external HD, mirrored everything out, factory reset the EX2 and formated the disks, copied everything back in. Never had the issue again.

At one point WD wanted to RMA the NAS but I had to send it in with both disks and wait for over a month to get the new one back so I just gave up on the RMA. It is still working normally after the ordeal.